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Project Funding

US $ 1,450,500

Start Date

October 2019

End Date

October 2022

Government Implementing Partner(s)

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development


The objective of Paraguay’ first NDC is to reduce emissions from business as usual (BAU) and reduce the country’s vulnerability to climate impacts in the context of national development priorities.

Unconditional NDC: 10% reduction compared to BAU by 2030

Conditional NDC: 20% reduction compared to BAU by 2030

Mitigation Sectors
Energy, agriculture, forestry and land use, industrial processes and waste

Adaptation Sectors
Water, forestry, agriculture, land use, energy, infrastructure, health, and disaster risk management


Paraguay’s NDC revision will strengthen data and evidence; create a stronger link to existing development plans and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); incorporate gender considerations; and include an NDC implementation monitoring plan.

The NDC Support Programme is directly contributing by:

  • Training leaders to promote an ambitious climate vision;
  • Convening public- and private-sector stakeholders on the NDC update;
  • Analyzing national emissions as well as the costs and mitigation potential of sectoral actions to inform the NDC update; and
  • Preparing an NDC financing strategy and analyzing funding sources.

The work is part of UNDP’s broader corporate initiative, the Climate Promise, which supports over 110 countries to enhance their NDCs. Through the Climate Promise, UNDP is also supporting Paraguay to identify opportunities to increase ambition in the energy sector; estimate the costs and mitigation and adaptation benefits of a livestock measure for inclusion in the revised NDC; identify synergies between the NDC, National Adaptation Plan, National Development Plan, and SDGs; define national and sub-national adaptation priorities for the NDC; strengthen forestry monitoring; and assess opportunities for integrating nature-based solutions in the NDC.


Evidence-Based Design and Planning of Mitigation Actions

  • Develop costed and gender-responsive sectoral mitigation plans that build on the NDC Implementation Plan prepared under the AECID-funded LAC Regional Climate Change Programme;
  • Create an action plan for the National Strategy on Gender and Climate Change to advance gender-responsive NDC measures in coordination with the Ministry of Women; and
  • Formulate a long-term strategy that reflects mitigation and adaptation priorities of the NDC and incorporates latest emissions data and gender considerations.

Private Sector Engagement and Financial Resource Mobilization

  • Identify barriers to private-sector investment in sectoral mitigation actions through a consultative process with the private sector and key ministries;
  • Create a financial strategy for sectoral mitigation plans and design financial mechanism(s) to promote investments;
  • Promote companies who are championing green production and supply chains, including documentation of their business case; and
  • Launch “Green Seal” awards to incentivize and recognize companies implementing low-carbon actions.

Strengthened Leadership and Ambitious Vision on Climate Change

  • Train decision makers, the National Climate Change Commission, and private sector and civil society leaders to promote an ambitious climate change vision; and
  • Facilitate whole-of-society engagement on NDCs at the national and sub-national levels.


The Programme is coordinating with UNDP’s NDC enhancement support under the NDC Partnership’s Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP), working alongside the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Global Water Partnership, and the NDC Partnership Support Unit. For NDC implementation, proposed strategic partners include CAF Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank, UN Environment (UNEP), the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), World Resources Institute (WRI), and Conservation International, among others. Provision of a facilitator to support the NDC Partnership country engagement process is in discussion and would further concretize partner collaboration.


Ulises Lovera
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development


Veronique Gerard and Lilian Portillo
UNDP Country Office | Paraguay

Michael Comstock
UNDP | NDC Support Programme
Global Support Unit

The latest

This report estimates the private sector investment potential for delivering NDC sectoral targets for the agriculture sector in Paraguay through assessments of the NDC targets, the enabling environment, the current market and Paraguay’s investment potential.

Posted on December 8, 2020

The objective of Paraguay’ first NDC is to reduce emissions from business as usual (BAU) and reduce the country’s vulnerability to climate impacts in the context of national development priorities.

Posted on August 19, 2020