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70% of forest cover by 2020; increase renewable energy to 30% of total energy consumption by 2030


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7 September 2016



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Implementation of Energy-related Projects, Private Sector Engagement.






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Development facts

Context and Objectives

Lao PDR has been recognized as a highly vulnerably country to climate change impacts. The agriculture sector, as well as most of the poor, are directly dependent on land and eco-system services. The industrial sector depends on natural resources for mining, agricultural processing, and wood processing. Energy and Transport are particularly sensitive areas since Laos’ hydropower potential and strategic territorial position within one of the world’s fastest-growing regions can contribute to regional sustainable solutions.

Creating a safe resource base and ecological sustainability has therefore always been high on the national development agenda. The National Growth and Poverty Eradication Strategy, presents a comprehensive and ecologically sound strategic approach, setting the framework for Laos’ 8th Five-Year National Socio-economic Development Plan (2016–2020).

As a Least Developed Country (LDC), Lao PDR managed to complete its INDC for submission to the UNFCCC in time to be included in the Global Synthesis Report. Lao PDR aims to engage with countries and organizations to build a strong partnerships for promoting actions that address climate change impacts. Lao PDR is also a forerunner in the region, promoting circular economy growth strategies with strong private sector participation. The NDC Support Programme will support the implementation of Lao PDR’s climate change mitigation priorities, including achieving NDC goals and targets.

Work areas

Implementation of Climate Action

  • Complete feasibility study for one mini-grid, including geographic, financial and community assessment;
  • Construct a micro-hydro power plant in an off-grid community and train villagers in operation;
  • Provide solar home systems (SHSs) to households in off-grid communities at subsidized rates to achieve access to electricity for all members of the target communities

Enabling an Environment Enhanced for Private Sector Engagement

  • Strengthen communities and small enterprise by identifying new productive activities in the agricultural sector, supporting existing businesses, and developing targeted marketing strategies for new products;
  • Establish a development fund to advance agricultural production beyond subsistence farming;
  • Support implementation of Lao PDR’s climate change adaptation and mitigation priorities, including achieving NDC goals and targets.


Building blocks

  • Lao PDR’s long-term goal for national development is set out in the 8th Five Year National Socio-economic Plan (2016-2020), with a Vision to 2030.  The overarching goal is to transition into a middle-income country by 2030, supported by inclusive, stable, and sustainable economic growth and the elimination of poverty.
  • The Climate Change and Disaster Law is being developed and will provide the overarching legal framework for climate change and disaster management.
  • The National Strategy on Climate Change (NSCC) of Lao PDR was approved in early 2010 and states a vision on how to address climate change.
  • Lao PDR, with support from UNDP, successfully prepared and submitted the INDC to the UNFCCC Secretariat ahead of the Paris Agreement. A detailed assessment of information available for key mitigation and adaptation sectors (through National Communications, GHG inventories, etc.) was carried out during this the preparation process.
  • The UNDP supported NAMA on for the Renewable Energy Sector of Lao PDR focuses on electrification with renewable energies.
  • Knowledge and lessons learned from the design and implementation of the UNDP GEF project “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions Lao PDR” are incorporated in the programme.

Partner initiatives

The approach used in the formulation of the National Communications is similar to what is being proposed for the NDC implementation, whereby the immediate needs and concerns related to identification and prioritization of mitigation options, strategies, and measures are highlighted and collectively addressed by the stakeholders. Implementation of the activities in the target communities will also be coordinated with other programmes, such as the GEF Small Grant Programme.

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