Viet Nam




Project Funding

US $ 2,201,100

Start Date

August 2019

End Date

December 2022

Government Implementing Partner(s)

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


The objective of Viet Nam’s NDC is to advance socio-economic development by reducing vulnerability to climate change, contributing to the global climate change response and sustainably using natural resources.

Unconditional NDC: 9% reduction compared to business-as-usual (BAU) by 2030

Conditional NDC: 27% reduction compared to BAU by 2030

Mitigation Sectors
Energy, agriculture, land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF), and waste

Adaptation Sectors
Food security, energy, water, poverty reduction, gender equality, social security, public health, livelihood improvements and the protection of natural resources


In its updated NDC submitted to the UNFCCC in September 2020, Viet Nam has unconditionally committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 9% by 2030 below BAU levels, while targeting a conditional 27% reduction in emissions below BAU levels based on international support. The revised NDC represents a modest increase of 1% compared to the previous one, which is considered not radical and ambitious in terms of GHG emissions reduction. In absolute quantitites this was an increase from 62.6 to 83.9 MtCO2e and from 197.9 to 250.7 MtCO2e in 2030 against BAU, in the domestically and internationally supported scenarios respectively.

With UNDP’s support, the Government of Viet Nam has made some improvements in adaptation ambitions, including co-benefit analysis, synergies to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Loss & Damage (L&D) analysis. and an inclusion of gender mainstreaming and vulnerable group analysis. Analysis by UNDP from macro-economic modelling of NDC mitigation actions, referenced in the updated NDC, demonstrated that Viet Nam can increase emission reduction ambition while delivering increased GDP growth and green employment, though that requires increased foreign direct investment (FDI) and improvement in finance-related policy instrument.

The NDC Support Programme is directly contributing by:

  • Strengthening technical inputs to key ministries and stakeholder engagement processes as part of UNDP’s country office’s longer-term NDC2 support (below);
  • Developing a private sector engagement strategy for the NDC2 with the government and obtaining inputs for the updated National Climate Change Strategy and Climate Change Law preparedness, where a number of policy barriers will be addressed to improve the enabling environment for the private sector; and
  • Establishing a private sector platform to promote technology transfer and track contributions to climate targets and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The work is part of UNDP’s broader corporate initiative, the Climate Promise, which supports over 110 countries to enhance their NDCs. Through the Promise, UNDP is also supporting comprehensive youth engagement activities, including (i) a macro-economic impact assessment of the proposed Power Development Plan scenario and inform future energy transition plan and (ii) a first ever Special report written by Vietnamese youth champions on “Youth for Climate Action in Viet Nam”, as well as a Roadmap for youth engagement in the NDC of Viet Nam in the next 5 years.  



Resilient, Low-Emission Innovations to Accelerate Productivity and Competitiveness of Shrimp and Dragon Fruit Supply Chains

  • Identify climate risks, mitigation and adaptation potential and pioneer firms identified in the selected agricultural supply chains
  • Design supporting facilities for low-carbon and climate smart projects
  • Conduct incubation trainings for selective firm coalitions in the shrimp and dragon fruit supply chains to develop prioritized projects or improved green business operation plans
  • Deploy supporting facilities to build innovative models and accelerate green business plans in the identified value chains
  • Establish an Agri-Business Data Hub to support Agricultural Business Development


Platform for Public-Private Dialogue, Green Innovation and Investments strengthened

  • Strengthen Public-Private dialogue and create awareness on climate change investment opportunities for businesses
  • Enhance monitoring and tracking private sector progress in contributing to NDC targets


Sustainable Finance Mechanisms Established to Scale Up NDC Mitigation and Adaptation Actions

  • Implement new financing mechanisms for private sector’s climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Elaborate on stable financial framework for sustainability of NDC financing mechanism
  • Build capacity of private sector on climate change adaptation, mitigation and investment


Policies and Incentives Created to Advance Private Sector Engagement in Investment Opportunities in National Plans

  • Provide inclusive private sector engagement framework for NDC implementation
  • Introduce and enhance policy options for inclusive business in NDC, including facilitation for transparency

View the Viet Nam NDC Support Programme Update for 2020 (Infographic)


UNDP Viet Nam maintains a strong and active collaboration with key development partners including the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the World Bank. This is true especially for the NDC2 revision and “deep dive” support on greening the agriculture production chain, which is being complemented by the World Bank’s broader approach covering work in multiple sectors.

In addition, working in close collaboration with GIZ and the World Bank, technical analyses, high-level political advocacy efforts, and the inclusion of gender considerations, with additional contributions from a project supporting the National Adaptation Plan (NAP), were supported under the Climate Promise.



The Climate Business Index (CBI) is an innovative joint initiative of Viet Nam Ministry of Planning and Investment and UNDP Viet Nam, to support the NDCs.The Climate Business Index provides a platform for companies to benchmark, log their contribution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change impacts by bridging the gap between the government’s NDC stock-take process and the corporate sustainability reporting programme for businesses. Launched in June 2020, the CBI has played…

Posted on December 29, 2020


Activities focus on greening Viet Nam’s agricultural production chains for dragon fruits and oranges/grapefruits. The activities contribute to the World Bank’s Deep Dive on agricultural production.

Posted on December 29, 2020


Bui My Binh
Department for International Cooperation | Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


Dao Xuan Lai and Bui Viet Hien
UNDP Country Office | Viet Nam;

Susanne Olbrisch
UNDP | NDC Support Programme
Global Support Unit


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