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Project Funding

US $ 900,400

Start Date

April 2018

End Date

December 2020

Government Implementing Partner(s)

Ministry of Climate Change


Vanuatu’s conditional NDC aims to approach 100% renewable energy in the electricity sub-sector contingent upon appropriate financial and technical support made available from international climate financing mechanisms.

Mitigation Sectors
Energy: Electricity sub-sector

Adaptation Sectors
Agriculture, coastal zone, environment, health, land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF), tourism, and waste


Vanuatu’s updated NDC will use the opportunity to reiterate and implement adaptation priorities as identified in key national documents such as the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) and the National Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Policy. In addition, the update will raise ambition through the inclusion of new sectors and fast-track implementation of the NDC.

The NDC Support Programme is directly contributing by:

  • Expanding NDC coverage to other economic sectors and enabling a wider consultation process;
  • Carrying out an economy-wide metabolic assessment in order to identify other potential mitigation sectors to increase NDC ambition and action;
  • Conducting a detailed assessment of land transport, waste, forestry, agriculture and other potential high impact sectors that can contribute to low-carbon development; and
  • Enhancing the scope of the integrated mitigation, reporting and verification (MRV) tool to include additional mitigation sectors identified under the NDC update.

The work is part of UNDP’s broader corporate initiative, the Climate Promise, which supports over 110 countries to enhance their NDCs. 


High-Level Leadership

  • Support high-level leaders to build consensus and promote commitment on an ambitious climate change vision; and
  • Support the attendance of key national stakeholders at international fora such as the Conference of the Parties.

NDC Update and NDC Implementation Roadmap

  • Develop NDC implementation roadmap including institutional frameworks;
  • Conduct economy-wide metabolic assessment to cover other potential mitigation sectors; and
  • Carry out an assessment for land transport, waste, forestry, agriculture and other potential high impact sectors to assess mitigation potential.

Monitoring and Transparency Systems for NDC Implementation

  • Develop an integrated MRV tool for the energy sector to track the progress of emission reduction, implementation and climate finance and sustainable development goal (SDG) impacts;
  • Expand the scope of the integrated MRV tool with additional sectors identified under the NDC update; and
  • Develop emission reduction calculation sheets for all NDC sectors and relevant technologies to simplify reporting of emission reductions.

NDC Implementation through Sustainable Energy Projects

  • Complete feasibility studies for grid extensions in East Ambae and Maweo;
  • Complete feasibility study for a micro-grid in the Wintua village on the Malekula island and collaborate with the Austrian Government on full implementation; and
  • Complete a feasibility study and pilot project for rural electrification based with solar PV based on an innovative swarm technology (from Power-Blox AG) on Lelepa island; roll-out the pilot project for the a flexi-grid electrification; and develop scaling up plan and funding proposal for a country-wide rural electrification initiative.


The NDC Support Programme is responding to the majority of Vanuatu’s requests for support under the NDC Partnership Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP). In addition, the Department of Energy (DoE) is collaborating with the Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA), Power Communication Systems (PCS), and the Department of Cooperatives to explore options for tariff setting and developing a sustainable model for technical and financial operation and maintenance of the Power-Blox system once the scale-up is complete.


Esline Garebiti
Ministry of Climate Change

Emma Sale
UNDP Pacific Office | Fiji

Alexandra Soezer
UNDP | NDC Support Programme
Global Support Unit

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