Countries are looking to strengthen their data and information-sharing systems to better track progress on NDC implementation. Better data also helps countries inform policy planning and track the sustainable development impacts, including the SDGs, for NDC actions.

UNDP assists governments with the set up – or improvement – of robust, digital monitoring systems for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, national measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) systems and market-based registries.  The Programme facilitates institutional coordination for data capture and sharing among all key actors, which is essential for the establishment of a comprehensive tracking system on NDC targets. As a development agency, we thereby draw on our expertise to help countries integrate linkages to gender and other SDG targets.

Activities include:

  • Strengthening of National and Sectoral MRV system and coordination bodies to capture multiple impacts, including SDG targets.
  • Creating gender equality tools, indicators and data systems to track and report on gender-responsive mitigation measures.
  • Formalizing private sector GHG emission reporting platforms.

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