Progressive Platforms Project

What is the Progressive Platforms Project?

Also known as 'Support for developing countries' - alliances on climate change, the Progressive Platforms for Climate Action Project supports developing countries to:

  1. Achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and transition to low-carbon resilient economies
  2. Build their capacity to effectively participate in the UNFCCC meetings and other related bodies outside of the UNFCCC.

Support includes diplomatic and legal advice, technical advice & support, capacity building and administrative support.

It's delivered through ‘progressive platforms' - organisations and groups that prioritise climate change in their work. It's an EU-funded project that is implemented by UNDP. From its inception in 2018, the EU has provided 2 million euros to date.

The project is now in its 2nd phase (2019-2021). Resources are being allocated to three platforms and two groups.


  • Global Green Growth Institute
  • Independent Diplomat – High Ambition Coalition
  • International Institute for Environment and Development


  • Alliance of Small Island States
  • Chair of the Least Developed Countries

What work does the project do on the ground?

The platforms focus on climate diplomacy and capacity building of relevant officials at the ministry level.

It provides SIDS and LDCs with increased capacity to participate in the UNFCCC process and beyond, building on local capacity and expertise, which in turn trickles down to on-the-ground policy making.  

What are the biggest challenges faced by SIDS and LDCs?

SIDS and LDCs are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and share similar economic, social and environmental vulnerabilities.

Some of the key challenges include lack of access to climate finance and technologies, loss and damage from the impacts of climate change, lack of economic diversification, inadequate social protections, heavy debt, and over-dependency on imported fossil fuels.

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