NDC Planning & Implementation

While NDCs provide the national collective vision for climate change-informed sustainable development, many countries have not yet assessed how to disaggregate their national targets to sectoral level to deliver on their ambitions. Governments are now looking to develop sectoral NDC roadmaps and Long-Term Climate Strategies that prioritize a set of climate actions.

Countries will refine their climate targets and develop a more concrete, long-term vision for reducing GHG emissions within a sustainable development context. Following an integrated approach, stakeholders examine linkages across sectors, including gender equality and development impacts, to generate transformative impact. Sectoral roles, responsibilities and implementation timelines will be agreed in an inclusive manner. Line ministries will be supported to engage with the private sector to develop and implement technically sound and financially viable NDC actions.

Objectives include:

  • Assessing sustainable development impacts of NDC actions to facilitate prioritization by policy makers as input for NDC Roadmaps.
  • Refining economy-wide NDC mitigation targets into sectoral targets and priority climate actions, including elaboration of gender-responsive implementation plans and associated financial resource mobilization strategies.
  • Designing and costing Long-term Climate Strategies as key tool for NDC achievement.
  • Addressing implementation barriers to prioritized NDC actions and promoting business case for investors.

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