Global Private Sector NDC Investment



Along with the opportunity created by the Paris Agreement comes the important challenge of transforming Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs) into tangible actions that lead to long term zero-carbon and climate-resilient development. It is well recognised that access to finance is fundamental for creating momentum and raising ambition, but countries continue to face challenges in securing financial resources and attracting private sector investment at the scale needed to achieve their NDC targets.

How can private sector be crowded in at scale, and how can countries be supported to directly connect their NDC investment priorities with the world of financing and technology?

  1. The element limiting private sector deployment toward NDC investments to date is largely due to a lack of:
    enabling policy incentives that create private investment appetite; 
  2. financial incentives and increase willingness of private sector to invest in immature markets; 
  3. awareness of opportunities afforded by the NDCs; 
  4. data underpinning returns and impact over time to support recurring investments and 
  5. an evidence base for successful risk-informed NDC investments. 

The global NDC Investment workstream assists countries to use a structured approach to scale up sectoral investments, building on existing UNDP and partner initiatives. In NDC Invest, we approach the support to achieve the objectives outlined above by building capacity and raising private sector awareness and designing de-risking instruments to systematically engage private sector at scale in NDC implementation.


Carbon Payments for Development Facility (CP4D)

Assessing Private Sector Investment Potential Into Priority NDC Sectors

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