Inclusive Leadership and Advocacy

UNDP supports and champions high-level leaders to build consensus on an ambitious vision for realizing the Paris Agreement in the context of local development priorities. Particular attention is being paid to elevating leadership roles for women, as well as those of youth, media, and parliamentarians. South-South exchanges, including Regional NDC Dialogues, and results-sharing through UNDP’s global network, and among other strategic partners support and promote ambitious change-makers on the international stage and within regions.

Many governments used a broad consultative process as a mechanism for elevating the issue of climate change during the design of their INDCs. Strong leadership is now needed to secure support for NDC implementation at scale across all economic sectors. High-level leadership is essential for: (1) initiating and advancing complex climate action, and (2) facilitating the buy-in of key stakeholders and the public through active involvement in outreach activities.

Objectives include:

  • Supporting leaders in building consensus and promoting commitment on ambitious climate change vision.
  • Strengthening women’s leadership in NDC planning and implementation.
  • Promoting climate change champions in regional/international levels.
  • Enhancing leadership and coordination capacity of governmental ministries.  

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