Learn about the new digital tool which helps businesses assess their impact on the SDGs!

UNDP has collaborated with a tech company, Impacti, to customize its digital tools for sustainability to support Ugandan businesses assess their contributions to sustainability in terms of the NDC and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The tool was put to test in Uganda, where UNDP, has supported the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PFSU) and worked with the Ugandan private sector to develop a business case for private sector engagement in climate action.

The customized Impacti tools guides Ugandan businesses through a simple step-by-step assessment to identify the SDGs where they can make the most impact, based on their location and sector. The tool helps businesses identify how actions that contribute to Uganda's NDC can also help achieve various SDGs. Businesses received a personalized SDG business profile with their chosen priorities at the end of the assessment. The tool can also enable the government to improve reporting on NDC/SDG contributions from the private sector. In addition, the digital tool hosts an online network for Ugandan companies to share news, updates and connect with like-minded businesses and partners to improve their sustainability operations and grow their investments.



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