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The webinar series set out to contribute to strengthen climate and water linkages in national frameworks such as NDCs, NAPs and various investment mechanisms. It aims in particular to highlight climate and water inter-linkages and contribute to improve the coordination across climate and water decision-makers and professionals; provide examples of coordination and implantation mechanisms and introduce the financing landscape of climate and water.

The learning objectives of these webinars are to build awareness and understanding on:

  • the linkages between climate and water
  • plans and tools to support implementation of water and climate coordination
  • financing mechanisms on climate ad water coordination

The events are organized by CapNet, UNDP, the Global Water Partnership, AGWA, SIWI and the Water Governance Facility. 


Water and Climate Coordination: Supporting the NDCs under the Paris Agreement - July 9, 2020

On our first webinar we will discuss how improved cross-sector understanding and knowledge among climate and water decision-makers and professionals contribute to improved coordination between climate change and water decision-making. It will introduce a practical tool for identifying climate and water inter-linkages.

Speakers: Ingrid Timboe, AGWA; David Hebart Coleman, SIWI; Håkan Tropp, SIWI; Marianne Kjellén, UNDP;

Case study 1: Marcelo Mena, Center for Climate Action at PUCV and former Minister of Environment, Chile;
Case study 2: Joachim A. Abungba, Water Resources Commission, Ghana.




Water and Climate Coordination: Implementation Support through NAPS, NDCs and other Strategies - July 16, 2020

The second webinar aimed to help countries to understand the different processes and tools that can help in adaptation planning and implementation, starting from the strategic level adaptation planning up to local level adaptation actions.

Speakers: Kidane Jembere, GWP; David Hebart Coleman, SIWI; Anjali Lohani, GWP



Water and Climate Finance - July 23, 2020

The third webinar aims to introduce the three main global climate finance mechanisms and further zoom in to the GCF - understanding its mandate, investment criteria, its operational modalities, funding windows and procedures for accessing resources for climate resilient water initiatives.

Speakers: Alex Simalabwi, GWP SAF; Andiswa Nyongwana, GWP SAF; Anjali Lohani, GWP; Rene Schieritz, GWP SAF; Alastair Morrison, former Water Sector Senior Specialist at GCF.



WWW | Enhancing the NDCs: An Opportunity for Addressing Water Interactions - 24 August, 2020

To help bridge the gap between the 2019 and 2021 World Water Weeks, WWWeek at Home is taking place between 24 and 28 August 2020. The session “Enhancing the NDCs: An Opportunity for Addressing Water Interactions” will bring light into water and climate interactions.

This event discussed water interactions in adapting to and mitigating climate change, implementation and financing in the process of enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement. The session addressed how countries can improve the coordination.





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