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Water management is critical for adapting to and mitigating climate change. This event discusses water interactions, implementation and financing in the process of enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement. How can countries improve the coordination of their water and climate work? NDC Focal Points share their experience and insights. 


As most countries are in the process of revising, updating or enhancing their national climate plans or Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) for COP26, there is an opportunity to improve the integration of water as a critical resource. Many countries have already identified water as a key element for adapting to the effects of climate change. However, emission reduction opportunities and potential interactions of water with other sectoral measures have not yet been sufficiently considered.

This session offers an opportunity to learn about climate and water coordination from countries that have successfully included water in their enhanced NDCs.


Two countries will share their experiences regarding the integration of water in NDCs. This will be followed by short presentations providing tips and resources for water and climate coordination, including highlights about climate-water interactions and cross-sectoral interdependencies; challenges and success factors from implementing NDCs and National Adaptation Plans; and tips for accessing finance for water & climate work.

Overall, the discussions will be framed by the current context of linking the NDC revision process to the Covid-19 pandemic, including requirements to Build Back Better and opportunities for Green Recovery.




17.00 - Introduction – Including water in NDC Enhancement and Green Recovery

17.10 -  National experience of bringing water into NDC process #1 -     
            Interview with NDC focal point in Somalia

17.20 - National experience of bringing water into NDC process #2 -
            Interview with NDC focal point in Peru

17.30 -  Tips and resources on water and climate coordination
               - Climate/Water Interlinkages

               - Implementing NDCs and National Action Plans

               - Financing climate & water interventions

17.40 -  Highlights from the Chat

17.45 -   END

Questions to the participants will be posed using PollEv.


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