A regional training workshop to assist UNDP’ Country Offices in enhancing their understanding on NDCs and in strengthening support provision to national governments on NDC and Transparency.

WHEN: 18-20 September, 2019

WHERE: Nairobi, Kenya



Overview of the reporting obligations for developing countries from the MRV arrangements under the Convention and the Enhanced Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement
This session will provide an overview and detailed discussion of the existing MRV arrangements under the Convention, as well as the new enhanced transparency framework established by the Paris Agreement and further defined by the Katowice Agreement approved in December 2018 – with a focus on National GHG inventories, tracking progress of implementation and achievement of nationally determined contributions (NDCs), NCs, and BURs.

  • A more detailed look at National Communications and Biennial Update Reports: what do they entail and how to access those resources?
  • MRV arrangements under the convention and the enhanced transparency framework after Katowice.
  • Submission status of NCs, BURs and updated NDCs and relevance for the transparency framework.

MRV and tracking climate action

  • National MRV systems: key elements a domestic MRV system should have, also by looking at successful experiences worldwide.
  • MRV of Mitigation Actions & Support: key elements, implementation, challenges, capacity gaps and country experiences.

Country Experiences from the implementation of NCs and BURs

  • Namibia – the most advanced African Country in the submission of BURs
  • Togo – one of the first LDCs to submit a BUR
NDC Implementation and mitigation
  • Overview of NDCs and UNDP support to NDCs
  • UNREDD + and linkages with NDCs
    Presentation on NDC Implementation Plans – Key elements and processes

NDC tracking

  • Tracking the progress of NDCs

NDCs Updating

  • Presentation on processes and requirements for NDC updating and increasing ambition  

The provision of support on transparency – joining forces toward common objectives

  • Regional networks to enhance collaboration and capacities

Access to Climate finance

  • Access to financing for mitigation actions
  • Access to financing for adaptation actions
  • The Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT)
  • National CBIT projects approved – key components – Country experiences

Bilateral and Support needs clinics with Country Offices


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