Government officials, policymakers and climate specialists gathered in Accra, Ghana during the 2019 Africa Climate Week.
Africa Climate Week brought together diverse actors from the public and private sectors for stepping-up climate action.
Africa Climate Week provided encouragement to the implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement.
The NDC Dialogues provide a stage for specialists from NGOs, climate change initiatives, and civil society organizations to share ideas with attendees.
The event acted as a focal point for actors to showcase groundbreaking solutions to climate change.

Africa Climate Week - March 18-22, 2019

The Africa Climate Week has firmly aligned itself with the UN Secretary General's Climate Summit which is taking place in New York in September 2019.  The climate week's overarching theme is “Climate Action in Africa: A Race We Can Win” and will feed into the Summit by selecting three of the Summit’s six ‘transformational areas’ as the focus of its thematic sessions: Energy Transition, Nature-Based Solutions, and Cities and Local Action.  

The Africa Climate Week is hosted by the government of Ghana and is being co-organized by a number of core partners, including UNDP, World Bank Group, African Development Bank, West African Development Bank, CTCN, UNEP, UNEP DTU Partnership, IETA, Marrakech Partnership and UN Climate Change.

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Africa NDC Dialogue - March 18-19, 2019


With the adoption of the Paris Agreement Work Programme and the conclusion of the Talanoa Dialogue at COP-24 in December 2018, the “rule-book” of the Paris Agreement has been completed. Governments and non-Party stakeholders are now shifting gears toward implementing ambitious climate action for a low-GHG and climate-resilient future, in line with the global temperature goals of the Paris Agreement and countries’ individual Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Countries are also in the process of preparing second-round NDCs with increased coverage, clarity, and ambition – as well as long-term, low-GHG emission development strategies – ahead of the 2020 deadline.


In this context, the Regional Dialogue on NDCs for Africa will seek to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Introduce and discuss the outcomes of COP-24, including those outcomes from the Paris Agreement Work Programme and the Talanoa Dialogue that are relevant for the preparation of future NDCs and implementation of ambitious climate action;
  2. Jointly consider the gap to meet the long-term goal and the need and avenues for raising national, regional, and global ambition; 
  3. Exchange experiences and lessons learned to address challenges relating to NDC preparation, implementation, and finance; and
  4. Discuss synergistic implementation of NDCs, national development plans, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The NDC Dialogues, which are taking place as part of the Regional Climate Weeks, are co-organized by UN Development (UNDP) and the UN Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat, in collaboration with the NDC Partnership. The event is made possible through the generous support from the African Development Bank, the European Union, Germany, Japan and Norway.

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Agenda  Africa NDC Dialogue

Report   forthcoming

Participant List  


When   March 18-19, 2019

Where  Accra, Ghana

Photographs © / Adobe Stock


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