The 3rd Pacific Regional NDC Dialogue and consultations on the Regional Pacific NDC Hub provided an opportunity for Pacific Island countries to share experiences and needs on the implementation of their NDCs.

Countries, partners, regional organizations, private sector and civil society organizations also provide input to the establishment of the Regional Pacific NDC Hub – a regional arm of the NDC Partnership.

Read the Chair's Summary for the conference's key take-aways. 

The joint event was co-organized by UNDP, the UNFCCC Secretariat, GIZ, the NDC PartnershipSPREP, the Pacific Community, and the Government of Fiji; and has been made possible thanks to the generous support from the European Union and the Governments of Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway, and the United Kingdom.  

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  • Exchange national experiences and views related to NDC implementation planning, including linkages to SDG processes, on opportunities to advance gender equality, on future steps on NDC’s enhancement and revision, and on linkages to long-term strategies.
  • Identify concrete opportunities for action in translating NDCs into actionable projects, in particular in the energy sector, to contribute to NDC goals, including linkages with sectoral planning.
  • Discuss finance considerations, including private-sector engagement, in the context of NDC implementation.
  • Agree on the details of the Regional Pacific NDC Hub (in terms of services provided, funding mechanism, structure, and governance) and finalize the draft design document based on country priorities and needs.


Agenda    Agenda

Report     Chair's Summary (Key Takeaways)



When         March 12 - 14, 2018

Where        Suva, Fiji


Taking Stock – NDC Implementation

NDC implementation planning - Mr. Michael Comstock, NDC Support Programme, UNDP

The NDC Partnership - Mr. Pablo Vieira, NDC Partnership

NDC Enhancement and Review

NDC Enhancement and Review - Mr. Bernd Hackmann, UNFCCC Secretariat

The Talanoa Dialogue and NDC next steps toward 2020 - Mr. Nilesh Prakash, Fiji  FIJI NDC Roaldmap

The Regional Pacific NDC Hub

Introduction of the Hub and Outcome of Consultations - Ms. Marita Manley, GIZ

Practical recommendations for Linking the Hub to the Talanoa Dialogue - Ms. Christine Fung, COP 23 Presidency

Practical recommendations for Linking the Hub to the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific - Mr. Scott Hook, PIFS

Financing NDC Implementation in the Pacific

The regional climate finance landscape - Mr. Exsley Taloiburi, PIFS 

GEF Climate Support for the Pacific Region - Pascal Martinez, GEF