With support from UNDP’s NDC Support Programme, Zambia’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources organized a joint event to launch the Climate Change Gender Action Plan, an orientation workshop for gender focal points and a validation of the NDC Implementation Plan. This joint event, co-hosted with the support of Ministry of Gender and ZEMA, had the following objectives:

1. Launch of the ccGAP document
2. Orientation of the Gender Focal Point in line Ministries on NDC process
3. Share roadmap of the NDC implementation with particular focus on MRV system
4. Validation of the NDC implementation plan

One of the key aspirations of the project called “NDC support programme” that the Government of Zambia embarked on, is to incorporate gender equality issues to factored these in climate efforts part of the planning and implementation of NDC The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resource considers the ccGAP as an important strategic tool to enhance cooperation and action across and between different government departments and stakeholders to ensure gender responsive planning, designing and implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation actions. To this end, the Ministry of Lands is collaborating with the Ministry of Gender in launching of the ccGAP.

The second objective of the event related to the orientation of the gender focal points in line ministries on the NDC process is in line with one of the desired outputs of the NDC Support Programme, which is to ensure gender-responsive approaches integrated into institutional frameworks for NDC implementation. The orientation workshop for these gender focal points created a platform for dialogue on development of gender-responsive approaches and road map that is needed to integrate into institutional frameworks for NDC implementation with associated MRV system.

Another objective of the event was to validate the NDC implementation plan. Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has developed an NDC implementation plan with technical support from the NDC Support Programme and UNDP Country office. The workshop served as a platform for review and validation of the implementation plan, a key document which will guide the implementation of NDC activities in Zambia and the gender elements within the NDC process.

The joint participation of the Ministry of Gender, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Zambia Environmental Management Agency at this joint event demonstrate that the efforts of inter-ministerial collaboration are underway to help build on existing efforts on gender equality and climate change and improve progress towards meeting climate and development targets.


Agenda Concept Note & Agenda



When    Oct. 25-26, 2018 (NDC Val.)
             Oct. 31, 2018 (ccGAP Launch)

Where   Lusaka, Zambia (NDC Val.)
             Kafue, Zambia (ccGAP)

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