Businesses are invited for a practical training session on the Impacti digital tool customized for the Ugandan business community. This webinar follows up on the two-day training workshop (July 2019) and launch webinar (September 2019), and will focus on practical applications and experiences of Ugandan businesses using this SDG/NDC impact assessment tool. Discover how to communicate how your local business actions make global impact. All Ugandan businesses are welcome to join.

Impacti experts will guide webinar participants step-by-step to learn how the digital tool can help your business discover opportunities to contribute to the big challenges set out in Uganda’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Find out how to connect with business colleagues virtually through the tool for peer-to-peer discussions and discover the latest opportunities to take climate and SDG action during the pandemic period and beyond.

Learn about new Impacti tools coming soon to help SMEs consistently manage data on their SDG impact, carbon footprint, gender impact and more. Experts will present on PSFU and UNDP-led initiatives that offer business and financing opportunities as well as post-COVID coping strategies for sustainable businesses in Uganda.

Learning objectives:

  • What benefits / motivations exist for businesses to contribute to NDCs/SDGs?
  • What strategies can help sustainable businesses recover post-COVID?
  • How to identify climate actions or NDC actions and SDG business opportunities suited to your business
  • How to connect with resources, partners and tools to take more NDC/SDG action
  • Experiences of Ugandan businesses in using the digital tool

Interested businesses are invited to try out the SDG/NDC impact assessment tool here. Thanks to support from PSFU, UNDP and partners, Ugandan businesses are offered free access to the quick SDG EXPLORE assessment tool and free membership in the CONNECT business community.

Watch webinar below:



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