Uganda has recognized the need to address climate change in its efforts to achieve sustainable development, and has developed its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement. The NDC seeks to help the country reduce vulnerability to climate change in priority sectors as well as contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions in forestry and wetlands, energy, transport and agriculture sectors.

The NDC Support Programme has designed an innovative grant scheme that aims at engaging companies, NGOs and local communities to start initiatives that contribute to the implementation of Uganda’s NDC. The small grants shall lead to substantial impact through innovation, replication and sustainability.

The enterprises will be selected on a competitive basis as per UNDP's procedures for selecting grant recipients. The small grants will be more regional focused and will have the advantage that the implementation of the specific climate actions will reach remote areas of Uganda and engage stakeholders that would not normally be involved in the more centralized project activities.

Objectives of the Innovation Award

  • help create the right financial incentives for projects to invest in climate change mitigation technologies and contribute to climate action/NDC implementation
  • boost growth and competitiveness by empowering companies adopt low carbon technologies
  • foster participation of women and youth in the implementation of mitigation actions
  • support innovative low-carbon technologies in reaching the market for example increasing access to renewable energy services at grassroot levels



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