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The Inter-sectoral Commission on Climate Change –CICC, approved its Action Plan for the period September 2019-September 2020, which covers the main actions on climate change. This plan was jointly constructed with the technical committee of the CICC, an instance that advises this Commission, and responds to the international and institutional framework of policies for the management of climate change.

The first component of the action plan corresponds to the Intersectoral Climate Change Agendas, which aim to contribute to the fulfillment of the short-term goals in terms of mitigation, adaptation and risk management, established in the National Development Plan, " Pact for Colombia, Pact for Equity ”.

The second component is framed within the international commitments acquired by the country, under the Paris Agreement, and which aim to update the Nationally Determined Contribution-NDC-, in its three components:

• Mitigation.
• Adaptation.
• Means of implementation.

The update of the NDC is complemented by the 2050 strategy, which is characterized by its long-term vision, and becomes an opportunity to project what would be the great transformations that the country requires, to advance towards the decarbonisation of the economy to 2050.

The inter-institutional work carried out by the CICC within the framework of the National Climate Change System-SISCLIMA-, focused the third component on the regulation of the Climate Change Law, as a basis to consolidate the short, medium and long-term strategic actions proposed in this action plan.

The approval of the action plan becomes a point of reference for SISCLIMA, given the relevance of this exercise in terms of inter-institutional coordination, appropriation of processes, contribution to the country's short, medium and long-term goals, which are consistent with the leadership assumed by President Duque at the global level in matters of climate change.


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