Lagos, Nigeria - July 11, 2018. Representatives from Nigeria’s Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA), the private sector, non-governmental organizations and academia met to validate the project document for the NDC Support Programme. The validation workshop took place in Lagos, Nigeria and was attended by over 70 people. It marked the last step of a stakeholder consultation process that started in March 2018.

The project will focus on four areas that were identified during stakeholder consultations as being essential for moving the country toward NDC implementation. They are:

  • The development of a financial strategy for the country’s NDC Sectoral Action Plan;
  • The active engagement of the private sector in the implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation actions;
  • The creation of a climate action registry to compile the different climate mitigation and adaptation actions currently taking place in order to measure progress towards meeting the NDC targets;
  • The improved communication and visibility of the NDC for better buy-in by the general population and for better integration in the national development strategies.

The project document was unanimously validated with suggestions to add an activity for assessing the policy and regulatory barriers to private sector investment in the 5 priority sectors of the NDC (agriculture and land use; oil and gas; energy; industry and transport) and to form a working group that will support the project on creating a registry for climate change actions.

The project is expected to start in October 2018.


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