Led by the Ministry of Local Affairs, Tunisia launched a national consultation process for the preparation of an NDC implementation roadmap on 04 and 05 July 2017 with the support of the United Nations Development Program.

In his opening address, Mr Kamel Ketari, Adviser to the Minister of Local Affairs and Environment, stressed the importance of launching the process of drawing up the NDC roadmap. Mrs Tshering Sherpa, official representative of the NDC Partnership, welcomed the strong participation in this first workshop, particularly by young people, and confirmed the willingness of the NDC Partnership to support, technically and financially, the implementation of the NDC Tunisia.

After a plenary session recalling the main decisions of the Paris Agreement and the implementation challenges of the Tunisian NDC, six thematic groups met for in-depth discussions. The groups focused on "Energy and industrial processes", " Agriculture, Forests and Land-Use Change "," Solid and Liquid Waste "for Mitigation, and" Agriculture and Ecosystems "," Coastal and Tourism "and" Water and Health Resources” for Adaptation. Each group included representative from the public and private sectors, civil society and international development partners.

Photo: Attendees at a workshop in Tunisia design an NDC implementation roadmap.
Photo: Attendees at a workshop in Tunisia design an NDC implementation roadmap.

The discussions primarily focused on identifying the bottlenecks - or the major institutional, technical and financial constraints - that could hinder the achievement of the sectoral objectives announced in the NDC. The fruitful exchanges resulted in a set of measures to be taken as part of concrete and coordinated actionbetween all the key actors (public institutions, the private sector and civil society).

Mr. El Kebir Mdarhri Alaoui, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP who co-chaired the closing session, praised the strong commitment of the Tunisian side. He then recalled UNDP's willingness to continue supporting Tunisia in its transition to a low carbon economy and climate resilience through, among other things, facilitating the implementation process of the NDC.

Mr. Mohamed Ben Jeddou, Director General of the Environment and Quality of Life, welcomed the efforts made and the quality of the commitment of all the participants in this first stage, which will undoubtedly guarantee that the next steps for the finalization of Tunisia’s NDC roadmap is accomplished with the same momentum. These next steps will mainly take the form of workshops and workshops that will bring together the relevant sectors, with a view to fine-tuning the initial draft of the roadmap.

It was also announced that Tunisia will participate in an event organized by the NDC Partnership at the upcoming UN Climate Conference in Bonn (COP 23) later this year, to present and enhance its experience in the implementation of the NDC roadmap.