UNDP and partners are launching a new series of Regional NDC Dialogues this summer. The dialogues will make a conscious effort to expand participation to a broader range of stakeholders, including private-sector representatives and government agencies beyond ministries of environment.

With a focus on opportunities to engage the private sector, catalyze investment, and implement NDCs at the sectoral level, the following topics will be covered:

  • Regional trends and developments
  • Refining targets and actions to align with changing national circumstances;
  • Mainstreaming climate change into sectoral line ministries’ decision-making;
  • The role of sub-national governments in achieving national targets while taking into account local needs;
  • New skills and technical capacities that may be needed at the national level for NDC implementation; and
  • How new technologies and innovative approaches in the near term can contribute to a low-carbon future in the longer term.

The Dialogues are being implemented in close collaboration with the new NDC Partnership, which is facilitating knowledge sharing and technical assistance for countries.  The next NDC dialogue is scheduled for 30 August to 1 September 2017 in Ecuador for Latin American countries, followed by a dialogue for African countries in Morocco from 26-28 September 2017.

UNDP – in coordination with the UNFCCC Secretariat and partners, – has been regularly convening countries to advance progress for the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.  Over 150 countries have benefitted from three global workshops and 14 regional dialogues since 2014.

For a reflection on the key insights from these dialogues, read more here.