A group of governments, international organizations and non-state actors joined forces through a new global partnership last year to catalyze the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and related climate commitments (NDCs) at the country level. The NDC Partnership, which is currently co-chaired by Germany and Morocco, will help countries with the challenging task of transitioning to a green economy pathway that is closely aligned with their respective development priorities.

To do so in the most effective and rapid way, the NDC Partnership offers three support services:

  • Boosting climate-smart investments,
  • Facilitating enhanced coordination for technical assistance, and
  • Sharing of relevant knowledge assets and tools

The NDC Partnership is based on a set of guiding principles that seek to strengthen in-country capacities while increasing efficiency and coordination of NDC-related activities in countries and around the world. 

A Support Unit, funded by the governments of Germany, UK, Denmark, France, and the Netherlands, will serve as a matchmaking service to members seeking specific technical support and facilitate in-country stakeholder discussions and mappings, as needed. The support unit will also offer public access to NDC-related knowledge via its Partnership website, beginning with the Funding and Initiatives Navigator.

More than 50 members from developed and developing countries, multilateral institutions, development banks, and think tanks have joined the Partnership since its launch at the UN Climate Conference in Marrakech last year. Five agencies (UNDP, World Bank, GIZ, WRI and UNFCCC) have received funding from Germany’s BMZ and BMUB through the Partnership to provide flexible and targeted support to members on specific NDC-related issues. For more info please contact info@ndcpartnership.org.

An NDC Support Cluster, currently comprising eight organisations including UNDP, will also support the Partnership on behalf of BMUB by providing short-term advisory technical services through a Help Desk function.