Following the Global NDC Conference in Berlin, a special session which was co-chaired by UNDP, was devoted to convene all stakeholders for the new IKI NDC Support Cluster.

All participating countries and partner organizations were invited to learn about the new programme features. With a total funding volume of approxi. EUR 32 million, all 10 implementing partners, including UNDP, coordinate their activities in 27 select partner countries.

The four thematic support areas are:

  • Political and institutional frameworks 

  • Sector approaches

  • Financing

  • Data and transparency

Depending on the needs of the respective partner governments, the Cluster provides guidance and advisory services on cross-cutting capacity building and knowledge management. 

Participants received an introduction to the programme services and modalities, and exchanged initial thoughts on how to more effectively coordinate in the four thematic areas (UNDP leads the thematic sub-group on governance).

Help Desk offers flexible, short-term technical support for a number of challenges around NDC implementation in developing countries. 

The website serves as a resource to policy makers and practitioners. There you can find a Toolbox of resources, Good Practices and Global Network

The NDC Cluster operates in full cooperation with the NDC Partnership.

For more information, please visit the website.


Yamil Bonduki

Allison Towle