This guidelines document describes a general approach for developing a Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Implementation Roadmap (hereinafter referred to as an NDC Roadmap). The document is intended for any country implementing an NDC under the Paris Agreement, with a specific focus on small island developing states (SIDS). It sets out a high-level outline of the steps that countries can undertake to create an overall NDC implementation plan for one or more sectors.

The guidance in this document is intended primarily to assist in planning for implementation of the mitigation (or carbon emission reduction) aspects of an NDC, although parts of the document are also relevant for adaption implementation planning.The intended audience of this document are the key stakeholders involved in the development of an NDC Roadmap in a specific country. These can include: government employees involved in national or sectoral planning, regulation, and implementation; employees of development agencies supporting governments; and consultants or institutions providing capacity building, technical assistance, and other services.

The guide was develope by the Global Green Growth Institute and the NDC Partnership.