Mobilizing Private Sector Engagement in LEDS and NAMAs: Lessons Learned from UNDP’s Low Emission Capacity Building Programme

The importance of the role of the private sector in the transition to low-emission development is well recognised. The aim of this study is to analyse experiences that countries participating in the LECB Programme have had in engaging the private sector and to provide some recommendations on how to do so in the future.  

Those likely to benefit from this study include local climate-change-mitigation practitioners, donor agencies, and international institutions involved in capacity building or in the design and implementation of mitigation actions in developing countries. Lessons learned here may also be of interest to climate-change negotiators. 


  • LEDS
  • Paper
  • NAMAs
  • Private Sector
  • Climate Finance
  • Ghana
  • Chile
  • Africa
  • Latin America and Carribean