Master Resource List for NDC Enhancement


General NDC Guidance


Le présent rapport vise à aider les responsables des gouvernements à définir différentes options pour l’amélioration de leur contribution déterminée au niveau national (CDN) conformément à l’Accord de…


El objetivo de este informe es ayudar a las autoridades gubernamentales a identificar opciones para la mejora de las contribuciones determinadas a nivel nacional (NDC), de conformidad con lo…


This brochure provides a summary of the previously published WRI-UNDP Enhancing NDCs: A Guide to Strengthening National Climate Plans by 2020 guidance and six sector modules


This report aims to help government officials identify options for enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in line with the Paris Agreement. it offers guidance on establishing a process…


Sectoral NDC Guidance

UNDP Liberia

This paper aims to help countries think through the process of enhancing their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to include strengthened actions in the agriculture sector.


a series of sectoral checklists, developed to help climate change professionals and decision makers identify water-related issues to consider and address further within climate plans and policies,…

UNDP MAURITIUS - TRANSITION TO A LOW CARBON ECONOMY - Port-Louis, capital city of the Republic of Mauritius-7b

Reviewing the current NDCs – as well as recent technological advances – through the lens of the “Avoid-Shift-Improve” framework for sustainable transport, we identify meaningful, novel opportunities…

UNDP-Burkina-Faso-2020_pissila_IDP8 Copyright Aurélia rusek copy

This guidance identifies options to transform the power sector that should be prioritized in the 2020 NDCs.

Indigenous communities in Peru growing organic coffee

Conservation, restoration, and improved management of forests are cost-effective solutions for large-scale reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removal of carbon from the atmosphere and…


The “Pathway for Increasing Nature-based Solutions in the Nationally Determined Contributions” provides a framework for governments to identify potential NBS with the aim of enhancing their climate…


The Nature-based Solutions Toolkit captures more than 100 tools and resources on nature-based solutions that can support national decision makers as they enhance their NDCs.



Cross-cutting NDC Guidance


WWF - UNEP Guide for enhancing NDCs for more sustainable food systems with the goal to reduce food loss and waste.


UNEP - UNDP Guidance on circular economy and resource efficiency approaches.


Inclusion of urban climate action and subnational government stakeholders in NDC formulation, priority setting, targets, governance and implementation has the potential to support government efforts…


Gender responsiveness is accomplished through gender analysis, that informs inclusiveness. This reports details how to design activities for sectoral actions in climate initiatives, that encourage…


This is a short guidance for government stakeholders on how to conduct a gender analysis for the NDC process.


This paper discusses the development of the accounting guidance under the Paris Agreement.



Other NDC Guidance


As governments race to take bold action toaddressCOVID-19, the world has an unprecedented opportunity to restructure economies that are equitable, resilient, and climate…


The quality assurance checklist is designed to support governments, civil society, and other stakeholders to reflect on the revision processes and outcomes of their Nationally Determined Contributions…


Basic introduction to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).