As an oil producing country, Ecuador meets its domestic energy demand primarily with oil while generating significant income from oil exports. This NAMA concept note is builds on the “Optimization of Power Generation and Energy Efficiency Program” (OGE & EE) of Petroamazonas - a unit of Ecuadoran state oil company Petroecuador.

Hence the OGE&EE Program is the main Ecuadorian initiative in the transformation of the oil sector into a sustainable energy industry, which facilitates the principal objectives of national development towards a transformation of the Energy and Production Matrix.

The programme aims at changing the energy matrix of Ecuador’s Oil Industry through the design and implementation of more robust and more efficient Collection Systems, Transportation and Handling of Associated Gas Systems, and Generation and Distribution Systems in order to prioritize the use of lower cost resources that have lesser impact on the environment.

The actions of the OGE & EE Program are primarily based on: (i) Optimizing the associated gas for the production of electricity generation (gas flaring); (ii) reducing, largely imported, diesel consumption, which has been used traditionally in the oil sector for electricity generation.

The report was developed by Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment and the UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Programme with the generous support from the European Union and the German Environment Ministry (BMUB), and the Government of Australia.


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