Colombia's agricultural sector has suffered strong climatic irritations, with limited resources, technology and preparation to cope with climate change. The main measures to tackle climate change in the agricultural sector in Colombia require US$ 2.81 billion (as of 2010), of which US$ 2.08 billion are required for mitigation activities and US$ 0.73 billion for adaptation.

In this context, it was of vital importance to Colombia to define national priorities to tackle climate change in the agricultural sector, as well as investment and financial flows (I&FF) required to implement them.

The project was carried out as part of a larger IF&F initiative "Capacity Development for Policy Makers to Address Climate Change" (2008-2012) supported by UNDP, the UN Foundation, and the Governments of Norway, Finland and Switzerland.

The objective of th project was to better understand the magnitude of funds needed to tackle climate change now and in the long term by helping developing countries undertake assessments of investment and financial flows (I&FF).