The special issue was developed as a contribution to the Innovate4Climate Conference 2017 in Barcelona and features an interview with Karsten Sach, member of the GCF Board, discussing the interdependencies with the CDM, and the interplay with NDCs. 

UNDP contributed to one of the four short opinion pieces on the future of the voluntary carbon market, which has to adapt to the new Paris Agreement architecture.

Additional topics covered in this issue of Carbon Mechanisms Review involve the implementation of Article 6 (especially with a view to the guidance for Article 6.2) and new additionality assessment requirements, the International Carbon Asset Reserve, a new concept for reducing risks when linking carbon markets, and an analysis of barriers to integration of sustainable development benefits into market mechanisms, a topic which is again attracting attention after the adoption of Agenda 2030.

The original issue was published in May 2017 by the Wupper Institut.


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