Our global emissions are inevitably tied to our use of material resources. Recent reports from Circle Economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Material Economics and Shifting Paradigms have pointed to the GHG mitigation potential of reducing excessive resource use and waste disposal. Still, most of these reports focus on OECD countries, which have particularly high per capita GHG and material footprints or take a global perspective. The circular GHG mitigation potential in low and medium income countries has not been examined extensively until now.

This metabolic analysis report is the result of a comprehensive analysis of resource flows and their impact on the quality of natural assets in The Gambia. It served as the basis for a stakeholder process to identify circular greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation opportunities. It is the first of its kind outside of the OECD context. The report supports an update of The Gambia’s GHG mitigation commitments under the Paris Agreement.