This report, which was compiled by Ambition to Action, is the prologue to a series of update reports on NDC-related topics. The reports will be published twice a year, before international climate change meetings, to present analysis, opinion, and discussion pieces. Drawing on the Ambition to Action (A2A) project and input from a wide range of experts and practitioners, including UNDP, the reports aim to be a platform for learning, sharing insights, and discussing topics relevant to technical assistance for implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The reports will focus on mitigation ambition and action in developing countries and emerging economies (with an occasional look at industrialised countries for contrast or comparison). Currently, we are in an ‘in-between’ phase where lots of action is beginning and initiatives are emerging. As this is the first report and the project is in its start-up phase, this report presents an initial, high level exploration of what is happening on the ground at country level and in the international community.


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