The Government of Argentina has engaged in a country-wide consultation process to harmonize its national climate targets with sectoral and subnational mitigation measures. This top-down and bottom-up process has led to a more ambitious NDC with strong buy-in by key stakeholders on all levels.

Led by Argentina’s new National Cabinet on Climate Change (NCCC), discussions with representatives from key sectors, civil society, NGOs and the scientific community resulted in the revision of Argentina’s I/NDC. The NDC, which raised its unconditional target from 15% to 18% and the unconditional target from 30% to 37%, was submitted in at the Climate Change Summit (COP22) in Marrakech last year.

New Activities in 2017

NDC activities have since focused on integrating subnational and national mitigation actions through a bottom-up approach. Earlier this spring, a joint work plan between the National Government and the provinces was hammered out in Buenes Aires to advance the development of an NDC implementation roadmap. Provincial action is led by the Federal Environmental Council (COFEMA), which comprises all 24 provinces.

Buenos Aires, Jan 2017. UNDP LECB participates in workshop.

A set of UNDP LECB-supported provincial and regional workshops targeting local actors from key sectors will provide training on GHG emission inventories and facilitate identification of mitigation measures. The goal is to collect local knowledge on mitigation measures while enhancing federal participation in the national mitigation and adaptation goals. Through this approach, subnational mitigation activities will shape sectoral mitigation and adapation plans on the national level.

Through COFEMA, all the provinces have already signed a Federal Agreement to implement select mitigation actions last year.

Buenos Aires, Jan 2017. Workshop.

Argentina's strong push to move ahead with the implementation of its climate targets was recently reaffirmed:

In 2017, the Naional Cabinet on Climate Change is focusing on the implementation of each of the mitigation measures of the NDC, to ensure they are promptly put in place, properly financed and adequately monitored”, stated Mr. Carlos Gentile –Undersecretary of Climate Change and Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Environment, at the recent Global NDC Conferencein Berlin.

To this end, sectorial climate change plans, supported by UNDP LECB program, the EU and the German Government are already under development and the agreed subnational workshops are going to be launched this summer.



Yamil Bonduki
UNDP New York

Nuria Zanzottera
UNDP Argentina