Egypt is among the 189 countries that submitted a national climate change plan in contribution to the Paris Agreement. As one of the world’s fastest growing countries in terms of population and economy, there is a need to plan a transition towards a resilient low carbon economy. Similar to other countries, Egypt has benefited from the vivid engagement of a wide array of entities on climate change mitigation, including government and non-government agencies, national and international organizations. These actors have been working on a variety of projects often independently from each other. In particular, there was a need to build capacity within government entities to identify and quantify opportunities for GHG emission savings.

Egypt needed to bring its diverse activities within the climate change mitigation area into a coherent framework. To facilitate a comprehensive approach, the Egyptian Government, with support from UNDP’s Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Programme, developed a “strategic menu on mitigation” with high-potential for emission reductions and associated NAMA Information Notes (NINOs). The process was based on developing the capacities and prioritizing mitigation activities in ten sectors across key line ministries. The inter-agency collaboration was launched through an inception workshop followed by in-ministry capacity building events which were carried out for all ten sectors. Workshops for broad stakeholder engagement reached more than 300 participants.

The NINOs offer a standardized ‘menu of mitigation options’ to match mitigation actions with potential funders or investors. They contain a mapping of relevant trends in the sector, the outline of a proposed mitigation activity along with financial analyses and the approach to monitoring, reporting and verification. Interested government and non-government entities can select from these NINOs as a basis for the development of future projects, which will enable higher coherence and thus effectiveness among mitigation projects. The completion of ten NINOs in 2018 is expected to significantly contribute to an action plan for NDC implementation, and may allow Egypt to accelerate its actions on climate change mitigations.


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