Our Strategy


The mission of the NDC Support Programme is to bring about a real and positive change for living and future generations by advancing ambitious progress towards resilient, zero carbon development. This global transformation, which the global community adopted through the Paris Agreement in 2015, is driven by national climate plans or Nationally Determined Contributions (“NDCs”), which outline each country’s contribution to these goals.  Capitalizing on UNDP’s strength as a convener, integrator and development advisor, the programme empowers countries to create integrated climate and development solutions.


We deploy 4 strategies to mobilize action:


Country Action

We work closely with governments and national experts through our UNDP country offices. We provide capacity development as well as technical and financial assistance to help countries create enabling conditions for meeting their climate and development goals at scale. Countries draw on our flexible, menu-based approach to create climate solutions according to their needs and priorities.  We thereby work in collaboration with other development and bilateral partners, in contribution to the NDC Partnership, to ensure high-quality service delivery.


Climate Solutions

Climate risk and green growth opportunities vary by country. This is why countries need to formulate their own context-specific, locally appropriated solutions. Yet, there are common solutions and challenges which can be shared. Together with our partners, we help countries ensure that key stakeholders across all sectors – public and private – are connected and ideas are shared and taken forward. On the global and regional level, we facilitate the sharing of ideas and solutions through the UNDP NDC Solutions Exchange, NDC investment events, regional and technical conferences, webinars and contributions to the ‘help desks’ of the NDC Partnership and the NDC Cluster. These exchanges not only advance NDC financing and learning but also rally collective action on the Paris Agreement.


Country Leaders

The implementation of ambitious climate actions requires strong leadership to unite stakeholders and secure high-level support for new policy and regulatory frameworks. We sensitize leaders from the public and private sector on NDCs and their linkages to gender and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), share best practices, and provide training and targeted technical advice. Leaders and climate champions are keyed into regional and global exchanges to build collective ambition.


Global Influence

By sharing insights from the country level, and advocating for holistic development-oriented solutions, we seek to influence the global policy agenda. We mobilize other thought leaders, policy and decision-makers, financial institutions and the business community with the goal to drive action, raise ambition and mobilize investments. Through UNDP’s co-leading role on the “One UN” climate strategy, we are now looking to leverage our expertise and convening power to rally for ambitious, transformational change.