MDG Carbon



  • Established in 2007
  • Innovative programme focued on implementing low-carbon interventions, spanning multiple technologies while leveraging co-investments from the private sector.
  • Supported through generous contribution from the Government of Australia

Under the Kyoto Protocol, MDG Carbon supported a diverse portfolio of Clean Development Mechanism/Joint Implementation projects. With the goal to maximize sustainable development benefits, MDG Carbon focused on a carefully selected group of high impact projects with significant emissions reduction potential.

Prior to the Paris Agreement, CDM had already established itself as an important instrument in tackling climate change by incentivizing a transition to a low-carbon trajectory. Recognizing the limitations of stand-alone CDM projects, however, MDG Carbon focused on CDM Programme of Activities (CDM-PoAs) that opened doors to reducing transaction costs through project aggregation, and helping countries with low emission reduction potential, many of which could previously not benefit from carbon finance.


Three Objectives

  • Capacity building for CDM and scaled-up mitigation approaches.
  • Highly-sustainable CDM project pipeline.
  • Technical assistance to pilot a sector-wide approach and Standardized Baselines.

In addition to carbon finance, MDG Carbon also supported the development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), which emerged as a ‘next-generation’ instrument and assisted in the development of ‘Standardized Baselines’. The latter are a crucial building block which make tracking the mitigation potential of NAMAs more efficient, transparent and robust.


Programme Achievements

  • Emission Reduction Potential: 40 Million tonnes CO2eq
  • Improved Livelihoods/People: 600,000 households
  • New Jobs Created: 1500 (of which 50 per cent are targeted at women)
  • Small & Medium sized enterprises: 400 (focus on rural enterprises)
  • Capacity building and training: 2 million people with new skills
  • Installation of new equipment and technology: 20,000 pieces of new equipment (this includes Cambodia with the massive new equipment installed)
  • No. of project initiatives: 17 (PoAs, NAMAs and Standardized Baselines)
  • No. of countries supported: 14
  • Financial Outlay: US$2.6 Million (2013-2015)

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